Video production

To the projects

Did you know that the smallest changes in framing, colour, camera movement, lighting angle, etc. can make a big difference in the emotion and expressiveness of a film?

Pre production






My first guiding principle is: quality over quantity. Video projects are planned down to the last detail. This enables us to convey the desired emotions and key messages to the viewer.

A meaningful video requires precise planning and people in the right places. That’s why I rarely work alone and put together a team of talented people.

Our projects are characterised by creative concepts, thoroughly considered lighting and image composition.

In post-production, a good sense of rhythm and beat flow into my cinematic work.


Image videos are the figurehead of a company and can be used like a business card. The focus is on the image and philosophy of the company itself.


Documentaries are not only entertainment but also education and knowledge transfer.

They provide a broad view of a topic and can also be used by companies.


An advertising film serves to present a brand, a product, a service or a company in the best possible way.

It conveys a clear advertising message to the viewer and can increase sales or awareness.

Music video

From polished storylines to performance footage and live sessions.

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to music videos.

Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more important these days.

The sooner you jump on the bandwagon, the sooner you can take advantage of the huge opportunities this marketing offers.

The potential customer is only one click away from the next order.


To the projects

More than just pressing the shutter button

Photography is easy – unless you do it right

Besides a visual eye, it also takes technical know-how and experience to create striking images that can polarise the viewer.

I photograph landscapes, products, portraits for entrepreneurs and job applications, events and realise drone shots.

Courses and workshops

I offer courses and workshops on photography and film. The courses are suitable for beginners who either want to enter the industry or simply want to improve their photography and film skills privately.

I focus on a mix of theory and practice to make the techniques tangible and thus easier to understand.

For years, I had to put up with teachers and course instructors on the subjects of photography and film who were professionals but were less good at passing on knowledge. Even at school, classmates could often explain certain topics better than the “professionals”.

I learned from their mistakes and incorporated them into the course, thus creating an easy-to-understand yet instructive basic course.