Behind The Scenes

Together we rise

As a young boy I was given an old camera and discovered the world of photography and film for the first time; a desire arose to capture beautiful images and tell exciting stories. This desire still drives me today.

As a trained image designer, I produce high quality video projects and other audiovisual services.

From the idea, to the shooting, to the editing, every working process is carefully planned and implemented.

The additional online marketing and business background makes me the ideal all-rounder when it comes to strategies and marketing.

For larger projects, I put together a team of different experts to achieve the goals together. The goals are to create a great end product that meets the expectations and goals of the client.

In 2023, I founded the video production collective Visual Minds GesBr together with 2 fellow students and friends.

Together as a team we produce high-quality video productions in the roof region Tyrol – South Tyrol – Vienna.

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Video productions are teamwork, everything works better together.

Depending on the project, I put together my team of different artists and experts to achieve the best result.

Most projects are created in collaboration with our video production collective Visual Minds GesBr, with Peter Praxmarer and Florian Steiner.

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