Short Documentary – Construction of the platform, Iceman Ötzi Peak


Short Documentary

TV Premiere: RAI Südtirol, 22.09.2022

Capturing footage during construction and interviews from relevant people on the project, we provide insights into this extraordinary construction project and show the challenges they had to overcome from the perspective of the construction worker, architect and helicopter pilot.

My Work: Concept & Story, Production, DOP, Editor

Produced & directet by Marco Telfser
Co-Production: Roman Hansi
Concept & Story: Marco Telfser, Florian Steiner, Peter Praxmarer
Director of Photography: Marco Telfser
Interviewer: Florian Steiner, Peter Praxmarer
Camera: Florian Steiner, Peter Praxmarer, Marco Telfser
Drone operator: Marco Telfser
Sound recorder: Robin Diana, Florian Steiner
Editor & Colorgrading: Marco Telfser, Florian Steiner
Animation & VFX: Roman Hansi
Visual effects & Grapic design: Peter Praxmarer, Florian Steiner
Music: Robin Diana